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Professional Paralegal Services

Vaughan Paralegal Services, LLC was founded by Janice Vaughan.  Before starting her own paralegal business, Janice's lengthy career consisted of working with some very prominent attorneys who have taught her the knowledge, guidance and tools necessary to thrive and grow as a seasoned paralegal.

Janice has helped thousands of people maneuver through the struggles of self-representation by offering support, guidance and the tools necessary for individuals to self represent with confidence and determination while saving thousands of dollars on unnecessary attorney’s fees.  Janice's main goal is to take the reigns so that the stress is off of you and you’re guided with the professionalism and process of doing things on your own.  Words cannot describe how dedicated Janice is and how hard she will work to make sure you understand the court process and procedures while offering a plethora of resources to you. 

Limited Scope Representation: Janice Vaughan works very closely with several attorneys in the Valley who offer services on a “limited scope” basis which is not only affordable, but you get the legal advice you need should that be necessary in your case and receive affordable representation at any point throughout your case.  If, along the way, you decide you may need representation, we have great references that you can trust and which are readily available to you. Our goal is to make this a one-stop-shop so that this process is as easy as possible for you.

Mission Statement: Vaughan Paralegal Services, LLC is dedicated to the highest quality of paralegal services delivered with accuracy, grace, compassion and refinement.